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Friday, February 16 2018

First BBNaija2018 housemates to be nominated

The house has twenty housemates in total and 16 are up for eviction, we will start with the four who are not up for eviction. Khloe is the current Head of House and she is playing the game with K-Brulle under the #DoubleWahala arrangement.

The other two are Leo, the fingergate teacher and Alex, the green hair housemate who could not stand Leo's fingers that she had to run for safety in MINA's bed.

Who are the housemates up for eviction?

8 double-wahala couples are up for eviction and interestingly, some are already planning for their love life outside the house after blending through the pairing, they are k!ssing, touching and doing all sorts of things that lovers do apart from the Big Brother game.

Our resident experts are very alert and so far they report, that nothing has gone down yet, though this being the last week for some, something could easily go down as many are more than determined as they revealed on Valentine's day.

1. Vandora and Dee-One (Van-Dee) These are up for eviction and Vandora has upped her game already, though the comedian Dee-One is just making her laugh all the way. She wanted some good loving on Valentine's eve and gave the comedian all signals, but Dee-One was just bent on cracking jokes throughout the night.

2. BamBam and Teddy A - (BamTeddy) - When you hear the name BamBam, what comes to your mind? Yeah, you guessed right, a big behind, but she has an ample behind which Teddy A feels every now and then all in the name of playing the game,

3. Miracle and Nina (MINA) - Now these ones kissed on the very first night in the house and have since been feeding on each other like a bird would feed its young one. The fans are hoping for them to take it a notch higher, but they are still playing it cool, though very deadly when they start playing, Rico Swavey failed to get sleep last night as he was busy idle gazing at their actions.

4. Rico Swavey and Ahneeka - (RINEEKA) - You all remember when Ahneeka told Ebuka that all the hot dudes in the house are finished, but things have not been that easy and to make matters worse, they paired her with Rico who she did not like at first, but after a few glasses on Valentine's day, she wanted him very badly, but Rico was playing a mommy's boy..It was too much for Ahneeka that she said, I have never pleaded like this before in my life, she even changed to a shorter outfit, but Rico was just rolling his eyes.

5. Princess and Bitto - (PRITO) Bitto, the on-air entertainer is doing a good job with his BBNaija  in house radio, you don't want him to stop when he starts. We landed on him telling his Princess how she beats all the female housemates in the house and he hopes they can develop this relationship after the 85 days.

6. Angel; and Ifu Ennada - (ANGELIFU) - Angel has made a name for himself for sleeping solo and a bit reserved all in the name of being himself, it is unfortunate that Biggie paired them, Ifu Ennada really has a good game going for her if the radio session she conducted on Valentine's day is anything to go by.

7. Cee-C and Tobi (CEBI) - Housemates, both male and female seem to agree, Cee-C is the most curvy babe in the house and looking at how they are playing the game, they are looking at themselves in even a stronger relationship outside the house, though, Tobi has to be prepared to be saying sorry all the time, because that is one thing he is saying all the time with the chic threatening to deny him touching and kissing rights, otherwise, the best way to describe them is; They are in love.

8. Lolu and Anto - (LOTO) - Hmm accents all the way. May be Lolu's groin injury is what we can highlight for now. During the time that they paired him with Cee-C, he had a serious injury that sent a sharp pain to his balls and this was not an accident after our assessment, more of that here: How Cee-C hurt Lolu's privates

This Sunday, we could have as many as two couples or more leaving the house because the game is now on and the search for the winner who will walk away with N45Million 

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