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Sunday, February 18 2018

Nina right on top of Miracle

Miracle and Nina are so far the best couple in the house and are determined to take this to another level going by the chemistry between these two. They were the first couple to kiss and this was done on the first night, it's no wonder less than three weeks in the house, they had quenched their thirst.

Nina is the aggressive type and will have it when she wants, if you don;t serve it, she will serve herself. The alcohol during the Saturday night party must have had some ingredient that unlocked the love buds as they could not hold it any longer, they had to mingle that night.

Fans are worried Nina could come out of the house pregnant and going by the eviction percentages last Sunday, Miracle and Nina emerged at the top with 28.5% of the total vote. Britto, Princess, Dee-One and Vandora were not very lucky as their dreams of becoming N45million richer just ended 21 days into the house.

Miracle still has a good game going as he is the Head of House this week and the good news is, there will be no nominations this week and therefore, no evictions next Sunday.

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