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Sunday, February 18 2018

K Brule abd Khloe (K-Squared) Disqualified

It's Big Brother's house and he makes the rules and if you are in that house, you must obey or pack your bags and go home. This just happened to two housemates who went in the books of housemates disqualified from the Big Brother House. K-Brule earned himself some strikes for threatening to assault Dee-One and this is against Biggie's rules.

He is playing the game with Khloe who equally earned herself a strike for use of strong language in the house which is equally against the house rules, a strike on Khloe is a strike on K-Brule now that they are playing as a pair. In total, these two housemates had three strikes in total marking the end of their game.

They leave behind 18 housemates which makes it 9 pairs and tonight, 2 more pairs will be evicted leaving a total of 7 housemates.

Lolu and Anto (LOTO) are the other housemates with a total of two strikes, one more strike and the ywill be thrown out of the house too.

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