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Sunday, February 18 2018

Britto, Princess, Vandora and Dee-One after being evicted

The above housemates are now following the game on telly just like the rest of us ..

It's day 21 and Biggie is not about to entertain any nonsense from the housemates. Matters are made worse that they are playing the game as pairs so if your partner earns a strike, that strike applies to the other.

A case in point is when K Brulle threatened to physically assault Dee-One, it earned him a strike and when Khloe used a strong language in the house, she also got another strike and yet, they had one strike already making them three and this is how the game ended for them.

Unfortunately, this happened on a Sunday, which also means eviction night in the house, 2 more pairs (PRITTO and VAN-DEE) were shown the exit, leaving behind 7 pairs in the run for the big prize of N45.

The other pair whose life in the house is standing on a thread is LOTO (Lolu and Anto), they already have 2 strikes and one more strike by either of them will see them walking out of the house prematurely.

Last night, housemates were a little bit fired up from the lager that they enjoyed at the Saturday night party, CEBI (Cee-C and Tobbi), MINA (Miracle and Nina) were all fired up that they had to play the Big Brother game.

While at it, Miracle did the movements while Nina was still and  during the CEBI game, Cee-C did the movements while Tobi was still.

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